Swap your skills

If you remember your schooldays you’ll probably remember that most of your class were either good at Maths or good at English – it was one of the great dividers! Of course, there were a few swots who were good at everything (and a few people who found any learning a bit of a struggle), but you’ve probably spent your life avoiding the subject you didn’t like.

Time swapping works to help people just like you!

If you hate gardening, but you’re a whiz at dressmaking you could swap a couple of hours turning up someone’s curtains for having someone else come and do battle with your weeds.

We call it time-banking and it’s a place where everyone’s time is equal so it doesn’t matter what skills you’re offering, one hour of your time = one hour of someone else’s.

Time bank projects have included some interesting tasks – you can ask for help with anything. Time banking volunteers have:

  • Found a pet a new home
  • Gone shopping for someone who is temporarily out of action
  • Helped someone with a new CV to help them get job interviews
  • Acted as ‘arrow-collector’ for a disabled archer

Most activities can be time-swapped, unless there are special skills required – such as child care, electrical work, etc. Contact us to talk about your needs – and what you’d like to swap.

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