TEC Mate volunteering

10 November 2021

TEC Mates is a programme to support the use and uptake of Digital Technology and Technology Enabled Care (TEC) products and services. It aims to inform vulnerable people, their friends, family and carers on TEC and its capabilities and to consider its adoption to prevent them falling into situations where they may require greater support from the social care and health services.

It will focus on specific skills required to help residents and their family and friends to become more digitally aware and to gain a greater understanding about the new Technology Enabled Care solutions being rolled out as part of the ECC County Wide programme. It will support commissioners, providers and citizens in the health and care community to understand what is available, how to use it and how friends and family could become involved.

Volunteers are needed as TEC Mates to help people with their learning and to take a lead on hosting TEC mate sessions in your local area. They are looking for volunteers that can help to inspire people who may not currently know how digital technologies could benefit them and to encourage them to give it a try. TEC Mate learners may simply want to know how to get started, or may need guidance to do a specific task digitally.

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Tec Mate – session lead volunteer role

Tec Mate 

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