Gift Wrap and Chat

10 December 2015

‘Gift Wrap and Chat’ is an exciting opportunity to engage with the wider community and organisations who care about volunteering.  Hosted at High Chelmer Shopping Centre on the  17th and 19th December, each contributing organisation is invited to send staff and volunteers to help wrap and chat – i.e. wrap Christmas presents and chat about volunteering.

If you are involved with a locally based organisation and want to tell others about what you do or if you are just keen to get involved as a volunteer you are welcome to come along.

Here are some key points:

  • Chelmsford Star Co-op is providing the wrapping paper – as well as the mince pies.
  • We don’t have space for organisations’ banners but t-shirts, flyers and badges are very welcome.
  • We are not selling standing orders or soliciting donations.  We are sharing volunteering opportunities – so come with some!
  • The ‘chat’ element is about fruitful conversations on volunteering (so send your soft-skills people).  If this can be combined with the ability to wrap gifts, then all the better!
  • Each Gift Wrap session is just two hours long, but you can come along for just one hour.

Book your place online here

  • Thurrock are looking for volunteers to support their carers. If you would like more information click the link.