21 August 2019

Steph with Chairman of Maldon District Council Bob Boyce at a ‘Celebration of Volunteering’ event in July 2019.

Stephanie’s Story

I started volunteering at Knightswood Day Centre over twelve years ago and currently volunteer one day a week for Knightswood Lend a Hand, helping local people in their homes.

There are lots of things I enjoy about my volunteer day. It is something completely different to my day job, so I find it a relaxing way to switch off.

You build up a long-term relationship with a client which extends emotionally to much more than just being a helper.  The relationship progresses from you being the main in-putter of time and energy, into one where you get a lot back from the client and can even start to feel like a member of their family.

The clients that live on their own really look forward to your visit and often it’s as much about chatting and relieving

boredom and loneliness, as it is about helping them with physical tasks.

The clients that remain cheerful and optimistic, despite their shrunken life circumstances, can be a real inspiration and give you something to aspire to if you were ever to be in that position yourself.

If you would like to view the Knightswood Lend a Hand volunteering role Click Here

If you would like to find similar roles in your own area you can carry out a search from our Home Page using your own postcode and choosing interests such as ‘Health and Social Care’ and ‘Older People’ and activities such as ‘General Helping’ and ‘Supporting People and Befriending’.  Keywords can also help your search.  If you know of an organisation in your area who offers such a service try inserting their name or other words such as elderly or older people.  Or, contact your local Volunteer Centre for information on what’s available near you.

Here are a few suggestions:

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  • Thurrock are looking for volunteers to support their carers. If you would like more information click the link.