Parents’ Aid Volunteering

5 August 2020

Parents’ Aid is a charity that works locally, for and with parents and families at risk of social exclusion, to improve the quality of their lives.

Here is one volunteer’s story:

In the several months that I have been volunteering for Parents’ Aid, I have enjoyed assisting at one of their fortnightly surgeries by way of listening to, supporting and advising clients.  I have put my knowledge of mental health, domestic abuse and lone parenting to use and drawn on my own personal experiences of these in order to relate to others and make valid suggestions whilst upholding a professional standard.

Signposting is also a key part of what we do and so attending networking events on behalf of Parents’ Aid is something I enjoy and look forward to continue doing.  Such events allow me to expand my knowledge of other services and agencies, both locally and across the County, that may be of benefit to our clients if Parents’ Aid are not able to support in a particular area.  This allows clients to feel assured that we will do our best to assist them and not leave them to their own devices to seek help, which can exacerbate any feelings of isolation they may already have.

In my volunteering role I have seen a real need for the Parents’ Aid charity and the invaluable services it offers.  Just a hot drink and a chat or accompaniment to a meeting has made a great difference to the handful of clients I have engaged with and all have expressed gratitude and relief at having someone there for support and to listen to them in a non-judgemental fashion.

“I am constantly learning and growing with Parents’ Aid and feel that I am able to give something back to the community by dedicating some of my time to the role.”

Sadly the Charity does not currently have enough volunteers available to help  deliver such services and assist more clients.

Parents’ Aid are currently recruiting volunteers to deliver services remotely due to the ongoing pandemic but the nature of the support offered remains the same.

For more details on the volunteering roles currently available at Parents’ Aid CLICK HERE

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