Mentoring with SOVA

22 March 2017


Mentoring with SOVA

Sova is a national charity with more than 40 projects across England and Wales, working with some of the most disadvantaged people in society. Sova supports more than 8,000 people and is currently recruiting motivated and open-minded individuals across Essex to provide a range of services.

Jonathan (mentoring Tom)

Volunteer Mentor Jonathan says, “My first session with Tom was to get to know him and to see how I could help.  Tom had been very worried for a long time regarding a large water debt that had been following him for 4 years and debt collectors were now on his case. During our second session together, on Tom’s behalf, I contacted a debt charity that offers tailored advice and practical solutions to problem debt.  The debt charity advised me to call the water company and explain Tom’s circumstances.  As a result the water company retracted the debt collection agency and were able to reduce the debt by a third due to a change in Tom’s circumstances that they weren’t previously aware of. The water company were very helpful and also put Tom forward for a reduced rate for water supply and waste which they were able to backdate. This reduced the outstanding amount by a further third. They were even able to put Tom forward to a funder who can help with paying water debt. Tom told me it felt like a weight had been lifted off his shoulders.  In addition to this, Tom thought he was in council tax arrears but when we called the Council they told us he was actually in credit!”

Nancy (mentoring Jim)

Jim had been in rehab for over 6 months due to alcohol addiction and subsequently moved to a new area where he didn’t know anyone. Jim wasn’t sure how Sova could help but after meeting a SOVA Case Officer, he left the session smiling and talking about his future and the prospect of finding work and earning a full wage. The Case Officer introduced Jim to volunteer mentor Nancy and their first meeting recently took place in a coffee shop. During the meeting Jim felt confident enough to ask the coffee shop personnel if they had any job vacancies and the Coffee Shop Manager promised to call him back. When Nancy first met Jim he was very quiet and withdrawn, spoke only about his past and couldn’t see a happy future for himself. Now Jim is planning, with Nancy’s support, to find a local football team, keep fit and healthy and make new friends.”

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