Hayley’s Story

16 June 2015

Hayley – a Family Peer MentorHayley

Hayley volunteers as a Family Peer Mentor with Castle Point AVS. The role consists of supporting and encouraging families to get the best out of life. Families being supported by mentors face challenges, such as struggles with parenting or engaging with others and their surrounding community. These issues can have a knock on effect on not just the family alone but by society as a whole. The mentor role helps families overcome these challenges so that they receive the right support to build their social networks and encourage independence.

Hayley says that volunteering as a Family Peer Mentor is “very rewarding and satisfying, knowing that you have helped to change somebody’s life for the better by using your own qualities and skills to help build on or develop someone else’s is an amazing feeling” adding that “once you start seeing a positive change or progress within the family you feel uplifted and worthwhile.

For Hayley volunteering itself has many benefits, and she points out it’s not just beneficial for retired people, but can also help a student like her gain the right work experience and make decisions on whether that type of role is right, it can help those who want to get into full time work but currently have no work experience on their C.V, and help build confidence and self esteem.

Being a Family Peer Mentor has helped me make the right career choice, by giving me the confidence to support families and have a better understanding of real life situations that may be challenging for others. It has  given me better understanding of what it would be like to actually work as a support worker and to further my career within the Health and Social Care sector.

Find out more about volunteering as a Family Peer Support Mentor by contacting Castle Point AVS 

  • Thurrock are looking for volunteers to support their carers. If you would like more information click the link. https://t.co/wveyIueSoZ