Call for Trustees

13 November 2018

Call for Trustees in the Maldon District

November 12-18 is Trustee Week across the country.  Most charity trustees are volunteers.  All charities require a trustee board to ensure there is good governance about how money that is raised is spent in the best way, and in line with each charity’s aim.  Trusteeship is open to nearly all adults over 18.

Sara has been a Trustee at Maldon and District CVS since 2010 and is now the Chair of the Board of Trustees.  The charity champions the work of voluntary sector and volunteering organisations working within the Maldon district and surrounding area. She describes is as  supporting, connecting and representing those organisations and individuals in our local community that each day make a difference to the lives of local people.

In Sara’s day job, she works as a Consultant Psychiatrist specialising in Homelessness in central London.  She says

“I strongly believe in the importance of community and social cohesion and how this enables an environment for healthy and happy people to thrive.  I specifically wanted to be involved in a charity  where I live that actively promotes and supports the development, nurturing and maintenance of community projects and which also has an aim of creating the best environment for voluntary action.”

The role of Trustee is very rewarding and allows people to use a wide range of skills to develop and sustain a charity, and more importantly the great work that charities undertake.  Please do take a look at our website for an idea about the range of projects we are involved with that promote the third sector in our district.  For example, our funding advice has been very worthwhile and has contributed to more than £400,000 being awarded in grants within our district.  We also host some excellent projects aiming to improve the wellbeing of the people who are involved, for example the Harbour Project in Maldon and the Essex Shed Network.”

Volunteering improves the wellbeing of those who volunteer and has an add on effect of improving the wellbeing and happiness of the whole community.

I am involved because I wanted a chance to influence creating the best community I could with the hope of improving the wellbeing of those around me.  I urge you to think about whether you could give a couple of hours a month to support a charity to work towards their aims and objectives.

We are particularly looking for Trustees with an interest in accountancy, and also media/digital knowledge.  

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  • Thurrock are looking for volunteers to support their carers. If you would like more information click the link.