Opportunities with Wilderness Foundation


We provide opportunities for people to experience the irreplaceable qualities of wilderness
Every year, we provide opportunities for individuals and groups to directly experience the irreplaceable quality of wilderness, both as a positive force for social and environmental sustainability and as a forum for personal growth and change. Our participants benefit from nature's significant contribution to the discovery of identity and perspective, as well as leadership training and development.

Our work is focused on four strands:

Leadership and Education
Social Intervention
Advocacy and Awareness
Wilderness Therapy

Each of our programmes has a wilderness trail at its heart. This can be anything from five to fifteen days spent in as remote a location as possible, together with highly skilled and experienced guides and depending on programme either facilitators or therapists who will lead you through your wilderness journey.

Our programmes are delivered in England, Scotland and Wales and further afield in the pristine wilderness areas of South Africa.

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