Volunteering for Men

13 June 2016

It’s Men’s Health Week this week and the focus is on supporting men to beat stress. Excessive stress can lead to a number of more worrying health conditions such as raised blood pressure, heart attack or a mental health condition. According to the Mens Health Forum this year, one in four of us will develop a mental health problem. That is odds of 3 to 1. Or about the same as France or Germany winning the Euro 2016 football. In other words, it’s likely to happen sooner or later if we let stress build.

There are many things we can do to beat stress: exercise, sing, dance, laugh, play or listen to music, paint, write, volunteer, learn something new and lots more.

Figures from Volunteer Essex show that in Essex two thirds of volunteers are women, so men it might be time to take a look around and see if you can do something to address this inbalance! There are plenty of blokey volunteering roles about, a first step to find out about roles in your local area is to browse online through our database or to contact your local Volunteer Centre for a chat.

To get you inspired there are selection of roles below:

  • Thurrock are looking for volunteers to support their carers. If you would like more information click the link. https://t.co/wveyIueSoZ