Santa likes Cards for Good Causes

6 November 2015

With Santa Claus due to come down our chimneys in a few weeks, you might be thinking about something good that you can do cfgc logo smallto help others. In this ‘Christmassy’ post, here are two easy suggestions.

First, buy your Christmas cards!  They will certainly lift the mood of the recipient, perhaps winning a spot on their mantelpiece, and when you go card shopping, make sure you visit the Cards for Good Causes store, where the money you spend supports your chosen charities.

Nothing like your regular card store, Cards for Good Causes shops pop up every year from October to December only.  Hosted by libraries, community centres, museums, churches and tourist information places, a network of about 300 hundred shops spreads across the country.  Cards for Good Causes sells cards on behalf of more than 300 national and local charities. Along with traditional Christmas cards, these temporary stores also feature gifts and advent calendars.

The UK’s largest multi-charity Christmas card organisation is active and efficient mostly thanks to the work of volunteers.

So, here comes my second suggestion – consider being part of it yourself!  Volunteering for Cards for Good Causes will be a great experience with a touch of Christmas magic.

Judith Finn, of Brentwood Library, started volunteering with Cards for Good Causes in 2013.  That year Diane Jarrett, the organiser, had great difficulty in making up a ‘management team’, and without the help of the Library staff, things would have faltered.  “I must be a glutton for punishment, as I agreed to do it again in 2014!  This year, Barbara Moore has agreed to take over and I wish her every success.”

As the volunteer Rota Organiser, Mrs Finn has filled 174 morning-afternoon duty slots.  “I very much enjoyed the challenge – getting organised, speaking to people, meeting people, making new friends and contacts, and indeed, getting some of my own friends and acquaintances involved. Mostly, people are very responsive to the request to help; the work is hardly onerous and most enjoyable, and the whole set-up is well-organised.  Most important of all – it’s for a good cause!”

If this year you want to do one or two good deeds, take the hint!

To view volunteering opportunities with Cards for Good Causes Click here

If you want to know more about Cards for Good Causes please visit their website.

  • Thurrock are looking for volunteers to support their carers. If you would like more information click the link.