Mental Health Volunteering

16 May 2016

Mental health awareness week starts today and this year the focus is on relationships.

Good relationships are vital to maintain good mental health and across the county there are volunteers who create and maintain these relationships with individuals through their volunteering role with local charities and community groups.

Take for example the befriending role with South East and Central MIND. Volunteers provide support to people with mental health problems to rebuild confidence, self-esteem and self-sufficiency. Through this befriending, people with mental health problems can have improved wellbeing and can begin to make improvements to their lives.

Another example is the flexible mental health support role with the Essex Respite and Care Association. The role pairs volunteers with a mental health diagnosis and helps them to access activities in the Chelmsford area, helping them to feel safe and supported.

Opportunities like this are across the county, to find one close to you select Mental Health from the Activities list and Supporting people from the interests list in the Volunteer Essex search, along with your postcode or speak to your local Volunteer Centre who will be able to advise.



  1. lina says:

    Please can you advise where I can go to find out more about mental health volunteering in Chelmsford. Many thanks.

    • Sarah Laskar says:

      Hi Lina,
      Do you mean support for someone with mental health to get into volunteering or volunteering in a role in a mental health wetting.
      If it is the first sadly the support needs project in Chelmsford lost funding in recent years however you could contact the Chelmsford Volunteering Centre on 01245 250731 and speak to Pauline who may be able to help. If it is the second try putting mental health into the key word search with your postcode and see what comes up!

  2. Charlie Sanctuary-Emmons says:

    My name is Charlie and I am 17 years old. I am looking for something along these lines to do for volunteering outside of school times in the southend area. I don’t have any experience in volunteering but have raised money for M.I.N.D due to personal experiences and have a passion for helping people. Where could I find info on how to start and where to do so?
    Many thanks

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