Coronavirus Action

18 March 2020

Essex Coronavirus Action

The coming days and weeks may be difficult for all of us but will be particularly difficult for those in high-risk groups such as the elderly and those with underlying health conditions.

Those who are self isolating will need help with accessing food and medicines but the isolation itself will be hard to bear for many.

Over the coming days we will be offering ways that you can help others. This may be, for example, by shopping and delivering goods, picking up and delivering prescription medicines, or perhaps offering a supportive telephone call to lessen feelings of isolation and boredom.

Our Volunteer Centres are working hard at the moment to put measures in place so that those who want to help can find a volunteering role.

Please keep returning to our website as we will be posting regular updates enabling you to find out about volunteering opportunities in your area.

In the meantime please visit the Essex Coronavirus Action Facebook page for more information about the action being taken in our great county.  Please share the Facebook page with everyone on your Facebooks friends list.

If you are unable to access the Facebook page please see below an extract which includes links for individual, businesses and groups to sign up:

Registration is now OPEN for any residents or businesses who want to volunteer in their local area. By using one of the forms below, your details will be passed directly to the group or groups that are operating near to you:





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