Becky’s Story

1 June 2016

For years, I have wanted to do something to help the elderly, and as silly as this may seem, I know I could not do a full time caring position.  Plus, I work as a Legal Secretary and I do love my current job.  So, I needed to find something else that helped the elderly, yet fitted in with my career.

Becky Star 2I came across CAVS, met with Beverley, and it is the best thing I have done.  For the last year, I have been visiting the most wonderful lady, Molly.  Beverley could not have found me a more perfect lady to visit – so similar to me and my family in so many ways.  Molly isn’t just ‘an old lady that I go to visit’; she is now my friend who I am very fond of.  Molly makes my week and if I can visit her extra around my full time job, I do so.  I also travel to Gloucester after work every Friday for the weekend to visit and help look after my Granddad, who is sadly very close to the end of his life.

Amongst a few other things, Molly now suffers from dementia.  I find it upsetting at times, and there have been times when I have gone home after my visit and had a little cry.  However, not one visit has gone by when Molly does not make me laugh. She is such a character, full of cheeky remarks, and enjoys nothing more than a good natter and a cup of tea.

The feeling that I get once I am on my own after visiting Molly is that of great love and admiration for her.  From the way she speaks of her dear late husband it’s clear to me that they had a wonderful life together.  Bearing in mind she suffers from dementia, the stories that she can tell me from ‘the old days’ Volunteers-Week-logoare in such great detail – names, ages, years, locations – it is so fascinating to listen to her stories and hear her chatting away about those times that she holds very dear.

Molly always holds my hand and looks at me with such thanks and kindness when I visit her, it makes my heart burst.

Sometimes, after a hectic and stressful day at work, it is all too easy to think “I just want to go home, not talk to anyone and sulk about the rubbish day that I have had”.  Without doubt, visiting Molly is the highlight of my week. Regardless of if I have had a terrible day or not, she always makes me laugh and smile.  I walk out of there feeling satisfied and with a sense of fulfilment. The time that I spend with her I know is so important and that, to me, is everything.

I have not only made a friend in Molly, but also her extremely kind daughter.  We keep in touch regularly, and I care about her, just as much as I care about Molly.  If I can do anything to help her and take the pressure off just a little by trying to make an extra visit, I do so.  I do not think that society today does enough to help the elderly and also family members who may be caring for a loved one.

The CAVS befriending scheme really helps and I would recommend volunteering with CAVS to anyone.  I know we all lead busy lives and it may seem ‘inconvenient’ at times.  But I know what a difference that bit of time spent with someone can really make and the sense of reward makes it all the more worthwhile.

CAVS Befriender



  1. Michaela White says:

    Such a lovely story! It’s really heart warming to read how much difference volunteering has made. Keep up the good work.

  2. Ann Gill says:

    As a fellow Befriender for CAVS I am so pleased that one of by volunteer colleagues has been recognised for her good work. Well done Becky.

  3. Emma Rea says:

    Becky you are a truly amazing and lovely person, it’s such a fantastic thing that you do xx

  4. Karen Warren says:

    I am Molly’s daughter, Karen.
    Becky’s touching story and tribute to my mum brought tears to my eyes.
    Becky has been a wonderful support to mum and I over the last year; she has overflowed with kindness, compassion and has definitely gone the extra mile. I don’t know what I would have done without her……so lucky to have been linked up with her.

  5. Susan Hutchings says:

    Debbie story is so touching – how kind she is. I KNOW kAREN & Molly

  • Thurrock are looking for volunteers to support their carers. If you would like more information click the link.