21st Century Volunteering

4 February 2016

Use your weekend to do something amazing.

The way people spend their spare time in 21st Century Britain is changing. People’s motivation to do altruistic things is also changing. People volunteer without realising they are doing so while others struggle to find volunteering opportunities that suit their skill-sets and lifestyles.

In a society in which there are people with talents seeking opportunities to use those talents and those with time but without the experience, how can technology assist us in getting the most out of people’s time?

Kindly hosted by Anglia Ruskin University at their Chelmsford Campus and run by @hackessex, this weekend hack event will see wannabe volunteers, those who already volunteer but want more out of it, and organisations that need more volunteers to swell their ranks, come together with those that possess the technological know-how to make things happen.

Bring whatever knowledge you have, whatever experience you’ve gained but most of all your enthusiasm to bring about exciting results from a good weekend.

Fuelled by beer and pizza, you’ll be in good company in an informal and attractive setting.

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