Make a Difference as Autumn draws in

6 September 2015

Befriending2Over the last 3 years the Castle Point Association for Voluntary Services (CAVS) Befriending scheme has gone from strength to strength.  This is thanks to the dedication and commitment of Volunteer Befrienders. There are now around 130 people giving their time to visit someone, on a weekly basis, to provide companionship and help keep their daily routine.

Befrienders come from various backgrounds each having their own reason for get involved. Whatever the reason for volunteering one thing that stays the same is that they all benefit from the time they give and the friendships they make.

No matter how much time you have, you will find that there will be someone out there that will benefit from your companionship, where possible sharing the same hobbies and interests.  Volunteer befrienders are give full support by CAVS and are a vital part of their team.

As Autumn draws in referral numbers increase, people seem to feel lonelier is the days get shorter. To ensure that as many people as possible are provided with company and companionship there is a continual need for new befrienders. If you live in the Castle Point area and would like to make a really important difference to a member of your community why not consider becoming a befriender? Find out more.



  1. Maggie Gilchrist says:

    Well done CAVS Befriending scheme. Volunteers do make such a difference to peoples lives. I am so proud of my aunt who is befriender at the age of 80. She visits a lady who is 100 years old and gets so much out of it.

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