Jannah’s Story

2 November 2017

I have always naturally had a friendly and helpful approach towards people of all backgrounds regardless of their race, religion, gender and abilities. If I saw anyone in need of help or support I would approach them in a way I would like to be approached; with empathy.   But I never thought of doing this professionally until I became victim of an abusive marriage. For many years I was affected physically and psychologically but managed to build up some courage, fought for my rights and broke free. That’s when I developed the passion to pursue a career where I can help others.

One day I went to a women’s group where I met Lorraine who is a Volunteer Co-ordinator. Listening to Lorraine explaining the benefits, opportunities and prospects of volunteering, inspired me!

With not enough education and work skills, it wasn’t possible for me to find the kind of opportunity I was seeking so I decided to start a Health and Social Care course. As time went on I realised that the course in itself was not enough and that I needed appropriate health and social care experience to demonstrate my understanding of the particular role that I would like to go for.

I realised that a voluntary role would be the best approach so I contacted Lorraine ‘my inspiration’ and she got me involved with the Carecall/Falls Prevention Service.  A few months into volunteering I have enjoyed learning how a not-for-profit organisation works and how to operate in collaboration with different departments, other health professionals and service users to deliver services in the best possible way. Thanks to my determination I have been signed up as a Health Navigator; taking me one step closer to my goal.

Volunteering has enabled me to put knowledge into practice as well as enhancing my knowledge and skills.

“Learning while volunteering is helping me to achieve my goals.”

If Jannah has inspired you please click on the links below to view some of the volunteering roles available with Provide:

Carecall Clerical Support Volunteer (Colchester)

Physiotherapy Assistant (Braintree, Chelmsford, Maldon)

Volunteer Coordinator Admin Assistant (Colchester)

Volunteer Reception Support (Halstead)

Mobile Shop Trolley Volunteer (Maldon)

Admin Assistant Phlebotomy (Halstead)

Hand Masseuse (Braintree, Maldon)

Volunteer Reception Support (Halstead)

Outreach Volunteer (various locations around the county)

Ward Activities Volunteer (Braintree, Maldon)

Reception Support – Minor Operations (Braintree)


  • Thurrock are looking for volunteers to support their carers. If you would like more information click the link. https://t.co/wveyIueSoZ