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Volunteer now – get an extra kick out of your free time

“I have found volunteering to be an extremely
positive and interesting experience and would
thoroughly recommend it to anyone”

Many volunteers have full time careers and fit their volunteering around their work commitments, volunteering from home, at weekends or in the evening.

Most people have skills from their workplace that are valuable to voluntary groups. Volunteering can also be a chance to gain experience in a totally different role or explore an interest or hobby. For example, you could:

  • Get involved with a local football team, coaching young players or helping out behind the scenes with admin or the club’s management.
  • Help a charity to develop and maintain their website.
  • Research local planning applications and campaign for the protection of the local environment.
  • Volunteer as a driver for weekend disability or youth clubs.
  • Get involved with a national fundraising campaign.
  • Become a charity trustee and assist with management, fundraising, marketing or accounts. Read More.

To find out more about volunteering roles in your area, visit our Search Opportunities page to browse through roles by location, availability and interest.